Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Whats coming up

Since this is my first blog post, i think its the perfect moment to introduce myself and let the people know what you can expect from my blog. I'm a 24 year old guy living in Sri Lanka. I'm an avid gamer who started to play games when i was about 9 years old in my brothers old 386. Currently I'm employed as a software engineer, which has somewhat limited my time as a gamer. Although i may not be one of the most skilled gamers, I'm an avid gamer in heart and soul. I mainly play FPS and RTS genre games. However i also enjoy playing racing, RPG and football games as well. I guess that's enough about me for the time being.

One of the main reasons to start my blog was to let people know about being a gamer in a developing country in the Asian region where people find it difficult to understand games as an entertainment medium. In the coming weeks and months, i would be writing down my thoughts on the status of gamers in a country like Sri Lanka and other developing countries. Apart from that I would be sharing my thoughts on some of the games and concepts that captured my interest. Although I do not plan to write reviews on games, I would be sharing my thoughts on some ideas and arguments that are floating around the games industry.

Since most of what I write are from my personal experience, I would like to see different thoughts and sides to the things I will be writing in my blog.

I think this would be a sufficient preview of things to come.


  1. Hey! Great to see that you've started blogging! :)

  2. Finally found time to write something :)